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Dark matter could hide in diamonds



Dark matter could literally hide in diamonds and maybe you can detect it by means of special detectors according to a new study published in Physical Review D. Currently it is not known what the constituent substance of the so-called “dark matter” is and various the theories are in this regard.

According to one of the theories, for example, the same dark matter would be made of hypothetical subatomic particles called WIMPs which we have not yet been able to detect so much that this same theory is losing its strokes over the years. Precisely for this reason, physicists engaged in the field of dark matter have been searching for hypothetical particles less massive than WIMPs for some years and, according to some of these researchers, these particles with very low mass could be found more easily in crystals of diamonds.

Considering that diamonds can now be created in the laboratory, such research could be carried out more easily. The process would see the cooling of diamond crystals to a temperature comparable to absolute zero (-273 °). At that point, special sensors could detect in the diamond particular and weak sound waves produced by dark matter particles that “crash” against atomic nuclei or against electrons.

This is not an absolutely new method as it has been previously used with other types of crystals, such as germanium or silicon, however the diamond allows you to take advantage of some advantages: its carbon atoms are lighter and the eventual dark matter particles could be detected more easily.

Furthermore, the diamond, being harder, would make it easier to measure the sound vibrations.

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